Where to Position a Double Rabbit Hutch

A double rabbit hutch is arguably the best home for your furry little friends, giving them oodles of space and keeping them dry and cosy, but many people are unsure exactly where they should place their hutch once they get it home.

Read on for a rundown of the key factors that should be considered when choosing the ideal spot for your double decker rabbit hutch.


As we all know, there's nothing a rabbit likes more than nibbling away at fresh green grass, their main supply of energy and nutrients in the wild. If your rabbit hutch has an open base it's best to place it on an area of well-established grass.

Make sure that the grass isn't fertilised, as this can do your pets a lot of damage. Once they've worked their way through the patch of grass under the hutch, you can move them to a fresh patch so that they get more of their favourite food and the previous patch has a chance to recover.

Rotate the hutch around a couple of suitable grassy patches. If your double rabbit hutch is on stilts, an area of gravel or concrete will do just as well.


The ideal spot for a double rabbit hutch is one that drains quickly after rain showers. An area where puddles of rainwater collect is bad news for both the rabbit hutch and its furry inhabitants, who generally prefer to keep as dry as possible.


Whether your double rabbit hut sits directly on the ground or is on stilts, it's best to make sure that it's placed on a level surface to give it maximum stability. If it sits directly on the ground and doesn't have a wire base, small gaps between the ground and the hutch might encourage your rabbit to start burrowing to freedom...


Like us, our long-eared friends enjoy basking in a little bit of sunlight now and again, but make sure that the whole hutch isn't in direct sunlight for too long as, especially during the summer months, hutches can become very warm and rabbits can quickly get overheated and dehydrated.

Like all living creatures, natural light does rabbits' health a lot of good and so the best spot to pick is one that gets a bit of morning or evening sun but generally remains shady and cool through the hottest part of the day.