An Introduction to Double Rabbit Hutches

Double rabbit hutches are brilliant homes for our hop-around friends, but there is much more to them than people might initially realise. The choices vary wildly, as do the prices. So here's a little primer to get you on your way to making the best purchase decision.

What is a double rabbit hutch?

A double rabbit hutch has two levels, meaning that your pets have double the space to move around, without the hutch taking up huge amounts of space in your garden. Rabbits are fairly active creatures so they love having as much space as possible to move around.

When you're looking into buying a double rabbit hutch there are several key features that you must consider.

Sheltered space

All double rabbit hutches should have an enclosed area with a solid door, partitioned off from the rest of the hutch, to enable rabbits to snuggle up in a warm area when the temperature dips.

This particular section comes in different sizes, but should always be big enough for all the furry inhabitants of the hutch to be able to fit inside without being on top of each other. But equally, you need to make sure there's not too much excess space for the wind to whistle around in. This recreates the small burrows that they would build for themselves in the wild. The inside space should have a deep bed of clean straw in it to keep your pets extra cosy in the winter.


Double decker rabbit hutches can come with or without runs to allow your rabbits to graze on fresh grass. If you don't have a grassy area available, you could investigate hutches on stilts with solid bottoms. These come in various different sizes, and can have two levels with a ramp running between them.

Runs can either be located directly under the enclosed part of the rabbit hutch or set out to the side. They give your rabbit a chance to nibble away at grass, their natural feeding favourite, and stretch their legs while they're at it. If your rabbits are prone to digging however, it's probably best to keep them in a hutch with a solid bottom.


Some double rabbit hutches come with a slide-out tray that sits underneath the rabbit's living space and can be easily removed for quick and efficient cleaning.


The majority of double rabbit hutches are made out of wood available in various finishes, stains, shapes and sizes. There are both flat-topped hutches and those with vaulted roofs, and the more cash you're able to part with, the more features your beautiful bunnies will be able to enjoy.