Choosing a Double Rabbit Hutch

Whether you already have rabbits or are about to welcome them to the family, a double rabbit hutch is the perfect home for them. There are plenty of different styles and design features to choose from, and new rabbit owners are sometimes not quite sure which option is best.

So we've put together a guide of elements to consider when choosing a double rabbit hutch for your long-eared friends.


The size of double decker rabbit hutch that you need depends on both the amount of space you have available for it and the size and number of rabbits who will be calling it home.

For example, dwarf rabbits obviously don't need as much room to stretch their legs as the giant breeds do. But if you have more than one rabbit needing a home, you'll need to allow extra space so they aren't on top of each other, and so that they have enough room to stretch their legs and graze in comfort.


Those who are proud of their garden often worry about a rabbit hutch looking unsightly. But these days, the range of double decker rabbit hutches on offer is so varied that you can be sure to find one in a shape or colour that will complement or blend into any garden.

You can even adapt one made of wood and stain it the same colour as your fence for bonus coordination. Hutches also come finished with either flat or peaked roofs to suit your preference.


If temperatures get very low in the intended hutch area, make sure that there is a space with a solid door that is big enough for all of your rabbits to comfortably fit. You need to fill it with plenty of fresh straw bedding so that they can remain warm at night. And this bedding will need refreshing on a regular basis.

Space available

If you have grass in your garden, your best bet is a hutch with an open bottom, allowing your rabbits to graze on their natural source of nutrition. You need to have enough space to be able to move the hutch around, to give them a fresh patch of grass to nibble on and allow the previous patch to recover and replenish itself.

Some hutches have their runs directly underneath the enclosed part and some have them lying out to the side, so make sure you consider the space available when making your choice. Dimensions should be readily available in all good product descriptions. If you don't have a large enough patch of grass, or only have a small courtyard or patio, the best option is a double rabbit hutch on small stilts, which doesn't need to be moved around.