Confidence Pet Deluxe Double Rabbit Hutch (48 inch)

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The Confidence Pet four-foot deluxe rabbit hutch offers your fluffy little friends all the space they need to hop around happily, while keeping them safe from predators and the increasingly unpredictable elements.


Constructed from pet-friendly, furniture-grade wood with an anti-fungal finish, this double level rabbit hutch comprises two levels of rest and play space, protected by fox-proof cage wire and waterproof wood. Both top and bottom levels benefit from a pull-out plastic tray with wooden edges, making regular cleaning simple and straightforward.

With elevated ground clearance of 112mm and rubber ends to each leg, this hutch stands sturdy against the elements, protecting against rising damp and keeping the air circulating well.

Fitted with a waterproof hinged roof topped with hard-wearing asphalt, this hutch has been designed to offer the perfect balance of pet comfort and durable construction, meaning you and your pets will be happy with this purchase for a long time to come! Designed for use inside and outside, you won't find a more versatile design for the price.

Measuring L122cm x W50cm x 101cm, there's plenty of space available to provide a home for up to five pet rabbits, guinea pigs or ferrets. Your new hutch will arrive flat packed, with easy-to-follow instructions.

At a glance

Name Confidence Pet Deluxe Double Rabbit Hutch (48 inch)
Rating 4.00 (out of 5)
Width 48 inches
Depth 20 inches
Height 40 inches
Type Wooden Double Rabbit Hutch
Brand Confidence